Board of Investment of Sri Lanka - Interactive Office Layout Map

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Level 6
Level 8
Level 9
Level 24
Level 25
Level 27

Zone Management

Matters related to BOI Export Processing Zones.

Technical Services

Zonal Land & Development

Development & maintenance of zonal infrastructure.

Technical Services

Tenders and Procurement

Processing tender applications.

Facilitating and assisting investors with identifying plots within BOI Zones. Issuance of land allocation letters.

Investor Services

Import Export Documentation

Import / export documentation services, other import, export and VAT related services, and issuance of Certificate of Origin.


Board of Investment's auditorium.



Payments pertaining to application / agreement processing fees, annual fees, ground rent, procurement fees, and Environment Protecting License fees.


Visa Payments

Payments pertaining to your visa.


Supplies and Procurement

Procurement of goods and services. The issuance / submission of bidding documents and bid opening.

Engineering Approvals

Quantification of Construction Materials

Quantification of Construction Materials.

Engineering Approvals

Site Approvals

Issuance of site approvals.

Engineering Approvals

Building Plan Submissions

Issuance of building plan approvals.

Engineering Approvals

Certificate Of Conformity (COC)

Issuance of Certificate Of Conformity.

Engineering Approvals

Land Related Inquiries

Management of BOI's non-zonal land database and reated inquiries. We coordinate the providing of off site infrastructure to new zones.

Environment Management

Environmental Licenses

Issuance of Environmental Protection Licenses and environmental recommendations for BOI projects and telecommunication towers.

Environment Management

Chemical Import Clearance

Granting environmental clearance for BOI projects.

Environment Management

Environmental Compliance

Appraising applications for Environmental Protection License and Environmental Recommendation.

Industrial Relations

Employees Relations

Maintenance of industrial peace and promote social dialogue within BOI enterprises.

Industrial Relations

Labour Law Advisory

Monitoring the compliance of labour standards by the BOI enterprises. Provision of advisory services to employees and enterprise management.

Industrial Relations

Manpower Requirements

Facilitate to maintain a productive labour force.

Director General's Office

Office of the Director General of the Board Of Investment Sri Lanka.

Investment Appraisal

Visa Applications

Visa facilitation for investors.

Minister's Office

Office of the Honourable State Minister of Investment Promotion.

Chairman's Office

Office of the Chairman of Board Of Investment.

Investment Promotion

Country Desk Officer

Inquiry and follow-up on investment proposals, provision of guidance for BOI investments, and dissemination of promotional material.

Investment Promotion

Foreign Mission Inquiries

Liasing with Diplomatic Missions in Colombo.

Investment Promotion

Sri Lankan Mission Inquiries

Liasing with Sri Lankan Missions abroad.

Project Implementation

Project Implementation and Commercial Operation

Facilitating implementation and commencement of commercial operations of the project during the Project Implementation Period (PIP).

Project Implementation

Project Implementation Period Extension

Granting extension of the project implementation period.

Project Monitoring

Submission of Financial Statements

Monitoring project performance following commercial operations.

Project Monitoring

Tax Certificates

Issuance of Tax Certificates.

Investor Facilitation Center

New Investor / Representative

Initial point of contact for new investors or representatives of investors to meet with BOI officials.

  • To obtain information related to investment.
  • On course of action for incorporating a BOI company.
  • Investor Facilitation Center

    Project Application Submission

    To submit applications for new projects.


    Legal Advisory & Agreements

    Provision of assistance and advice on corporate legal affairs and matters pertaining to BOI agreements.